HiTAC October 2016

President’s Desk

Presidents Desk

As mentioned last month the induction briefing for the Open Climb will be held at the November club night, so that is Thursday 3 November, 7.30 pm at the Blind Foundation Rooms. To make this night a little more interesting for you, we’re going to include the Gear presentation of Singing Rock Mountaineering equipment that was unable to go ahead at the September club night, thanks Steve!  And due to popular demand Stephen Miller will also give a brief talk on how the Lodge downstairs upgrade is progressing.  Remember that if you want to help out with the Open Climb, you will need to attend the Briefing at the November club night.

All Snowcraft instruction has now been completed, including a second Level Two course. Sophie our Trips Co-ordinator has been very active in organising events where the participants of Level One Snowcraft can get out on the mountain and put their skills into practice. Thanks to everyone who is helping out with these trips.TAC Logo B&W

Do make sure you get to the October club night. Past Club Captain Clarissa Benton will be presenting a different Nepal to what most of you will have experienced – with children!

Also just a note to Lodge overnighters – do make sure you still enter your name in the upstairs book. Even though we no longer charge members on a nightly basis, it is sometimes helpful to know who has actually stayed the night. Even if it is just to praise that person who has left the Lodge so clean and tidy!



Elaine Sinton

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