Trip Report: Tongariro Winter Summit 2016

A full trip of 22 was unfortunately reduced to 13 when atrocious weather forced us to go for our reserve weekend of 23-25 Sept. Well done to all of those that re-organised travel plans to make it! With increasing showers forecast as the Saturday progressed, we started early from Mangetepopo car park at 7.30am and headed into a warm yet slightly overcast and drizzly valley toward Soda Springs and the infamous loo stop. The weather seemed to lift a little and clothing layers were removed as we warmed up walking up Devil’s Staircase. But you guessed it, those layers were […]

Trip Report – Taranaki Snow Cave Weekend 2016

Adventures were had and memories made during our Taranaki snow cave weekend on 27-28 August! With 13 of us in total, 6 went high into Hongis to build their cave whilst the other 7 stayed low in Hongis to build three small 2-3 person caves. The snow cave digging/construction was tougher than we thought. Yet after an afternoon of sweaty perseverance, much shovelling of snow and laughter in cold windy weather, our caves looked great with tunnel entrances, kitchenette areas for dinner, platforms for sleeping and beautifully smoothed walls to stop any drips. Once dinner was cooked, everyone settled into […]

HiTAC September 2016

President’s Desk First up some important dates to note in your diary: The induction briefing for the Open Climb will be held at the November club night, so that is Thursday 3 November, 7.30 pm at the Blind Foundation Rooms. If you would like to help out with the Open Climb, you must attend this induction briefing, as part of our Safety Management Plan. The Open Climb will be held on Saturday 18 February 2017 (reserve date of Sunday 19 Feb). The Safety Management Plan is available on the Club Website on the Open Climb page if you would like […]