Open Climb

Saturday 10th February 2024

Water Needed (ml)
Suncream Needed (ml)

February Open Climb

Each year on a single day in February, we take up to 120 members of the public up Taranaki Maunga and back. It's a mammoth but highly rewarding day both for the public who get to the top and the club who hosts them. With our guests plus our 60 or more volunteers along with other members of the public independently on the mountain, there can be up to 400 people on Taranaki Maunga on that day.

NZRA Outdoor Awards - Highly Commended

The NZ Recreation Association Outdoor Awards awarded Taranaki Alpine Club a Highly Commended in the 'Visitor Solutions Outstanding Event Award' in 2017 for its Open Climb event recognising one of the many ways in which we seek to inspire & encourage others into our beautiful and shared mountain environment.


Saturday 10th February is the official Open Climb day.

There is no postponement date for bad weather.

Our Facebook Page will carry a final 'Go' or 'No-Go' notice at 5am on the morning of the Open Climb. Updates may also be posted from the Friday morning in the case of storm warnings or similar.

Plan to get up early to check our webcams and the Go/No Go status!

Public Information Brochure

It is both essential for participants to read and understand our Public Information Brochure and to understand that this forms part of the terms and conditions of purchasing a ticket to reserve a spot in the Open Climb.

The Brochure helps you to learn what to expect and what you'll need and also includes important information around required fitness and the timelines that need to be managed as part of the Open Climb.

Public Information Brochure - Open Climb 2024


Come back here in November 2024 to book for Open Climb 2025.

Open Climb Status

Follow our Facebook page for live status updates on the morning in question.

How to get there

Access is via the Stratford Plateau where there is both long term parking and toilets.


  • Drive or get dropped to the Manganui Ski Field car park via the Pembroke Road entrance to the Egmont Nation Park. (1172 m)
  • Walk approximately 30 minutes via Manganui Gorge Track to the Ski Field ( 1260 m / more toilets available)
  • Continue walking 60-75 minutes on to Tahurangi Lodge. (1520 m)

Plan to arrive at Tahurangi Lodge by 6:30am. The first party will leave around 6:45am and the last party will depart no later than 7:45am. Note: The only public toilets after Manganui Ski Field are in the DOC long drop 150m below Tahurangi Lodge.

Parking at North Egmont is very limited so please only be dropped to this location or use the easier East Egmont approach.

The walk from the Stratford Plateau takes approximately 30 minutes longer than from North Egmont, but the vertical height climb is less. Taranaki Alpine Club volunteers will be positioned on the route from the Stratford Plateau to assist with directions.

NZ Mountain Safety Council

"One of the most challenging tracks in the Egmont National Park, the summit route takes you high above the clouds for a truly breath-taking view. The Taranaki Summit Route traverses 6.3km up the northern ridge of Mt Taranaki. While this might appear to be a simple day walk, this is definitely NOT the case. In this video, we take you through the required preparations and explore some of the alpine hazards along the way, so you can prepare for the climb ahead and make it home safely."


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