Open Climb – Terms and Conditions

Personal Information

All climbers must offer accurate personal information for their tickets, including age on the day of the event, medical information that could potentially be needed to manage the climbers safety, and emergency contact information.

A member of the Open Climb team may be in contact to discuss medical information for clarity and to assess suitability to be involved. Rest assured we have assisted many people with remarkable medical histories in the past to reach the summit, and our goal is to make it happen for you too. Our responsibility its to be sure you can complete the climb under your own power, safety, and with out affecting the safety of other climbers or staff.

Ages Restrictions

All climbers must be age 12 years or over on the day of the event.

Any climbers younger than 18 on the day of the event must be supported by a suitably able parent or guardian over 18 on that same day.

Vaccination Certificates Required

All climbers must present valid vaccine passports for validation at the event in order to participate on the day.

Gear and Fitness Requirements

All climbers must have read, understood and agreed to the requirements in the Public Information Brochure

All Climbers must have sound health and must be physically fit. There is a timing plan that all participants must stay within. An inability to stay within this time frame dictates an early managed exit from the event for safety reasons.

We strongly advise all climbers watch the Taranaki Maunga Summit Track video published by the Department of Conservation. It can be found on our Open Climb page and at DOC – the short link is here :

Participation and Refunds

Refunds can be provided up to 21 days before the Open Climb event. After that no refunds for cancellations will be given.

The purchaser acknowledges that purchasing a ticket reserves a spot on the Open Climb, but in and of itself does not guarantee participation in the event. Participation on the day requires each ticket holder to also comply with the requirements of the Public Information Brochure, Safety Plan, and all directions given by staff on the day.

No refunds will be given for no shows, failure to comply with safety plan or other instructions, early exit from the event on the day for any reason, failure to comply with the Term and Conditions, or cancellation of the event for any reason.