Open Climbs

The club takes up to 200 people up Taranaki Maunga annually in summer. Interest is always high, so you'll want to book early once registrations come online late in the year.

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Club Trips

Regular club trips and adventures explore Maunga Taranaki and beyond. Sometimes way beyond. Trips are organised in response to members interests.

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Private Lodge
Tahurangi Lodge is the club's premiere venue. With electricity and full insulation, it is a great staging point for activities or a warm retreat after a hard climb.

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Training Courses
The club runs regular snow craft courses for members each winter. With a beginners course for those new to crampons and an advanced course for the fearless.

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"It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves." - Sir Edmund HIllary

Club Trips

Club trips are run by members whenever there is interest. So, where do you want to go? Or would you like to lead a trip to somewhere special on your time? Either way trips are varied and fun, with friendships forged through altitude and adversity.

Club trips rated Social, Challenging, or Big and Hard.

Upcoming trips will appear in HiTAC and on facebook.

Club Nights

Club night run monthly from February to December on the first Thursday of every month. Each month has a different focus and encompases things like trip reports, movie nights, our AGM (March), daring adventures recounted, or photos competitions judged.

Tahurangi Lodge

Tahurangi Lodge is equipped with a full range of amenities including 32 bunks with mattresses and pillows, hot water on tap, electric elements for cooking, microwaves, zip and benchtop grill. Also provided is a comprehensive range of plates, cup and utensils including pots, pans and frying pans etc.

Members can apply for a ekey and come and go as they please.
Non members can book to stay on any night other than the eve of the open climb. Lodge Info

Snow Craft

Snowcraft 1 is for beginners and covers the initial skills required to safely navigate the alpine reaches of the mountain in winter. These include practical lessons in basic cramponing techniques in ice and snow on moderate slopes and self arrest practice. 

At the end of Snowcraft 1 graduates will be ready to start extending their on mountain skills and with time conquer the mountain in winter under favorable conditions.

Snowcraft 2 is an advanced course for people who have graduated Snowcraft 1 and covers rope work and ice climbing.

Members may apply Snowcraft 1 or 2 when dates are released via HiTAC.
Non-member are welcome to join the club and apply for a snowcraft course.