HiTAC September 2016

President’s Desk

Presidents Desk

First up some important dates to note in your diary: The induction briefing for the Open Climb will be held at the November club night, so that is Thursday 3 November, 7.30 pm at the Blind Foundation Rooms. If you would like to help out with the Open Climb, you must attend this induction briefing, as part of our Safety Management Plan. The Open Climb will be held on Saturday 18 February 2017 (reserve date of Sunday 19 Feb). The Safety Management Plan is available on the Club Website on the Open Climb page if you would like to do some reading prior to the Induction briefing.
I am pleased to tell you that we now have a full Exec Committee to run the TAC, with Stephen Miller and Ben Hill coming on board, Ben taking on the role of Treasurer.
TAC Logo B&WThings are ticking along nicely for the planned upgrade of the downstairs area of Tahurangi Lodge. The Lodge Committee have been meeting regularly and are currently working on the pricing of all aspects of the job. It is anticipated that the work will take place late this summer with the end result being much better use made of the downstairs space.
If you’re going over to Central Plateau with Sophie mid-month, have a great weekend! And if you’re snow caving with Alec and Greg I hope you’ve got plenty of bods to keep your cave cosy!



Elaine Sinton

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