Photo Competition 2016

Includes the Presidents Shout

December 1st at 7:30 pm
Presidents Shout
Our annual photo competition and Presidents shout.

I’ve seen some amazing photo’s taken this year so make sure you don’t miss the deadline and get them in!

Competition Objectives
–          To encourage an interest in alpine photography.
–          To provide a source of photographs for publications and for publicity purposes.
–          To assist members to improve the standard of their photography.
–          To enter the winning photographs into the annual FMC competition.

All images must be digital:
:: sized between 500kb – 5MB
:: saved as a JPEG or JPG file

Submitting images can be entered by email to – please send one photo per email.

IMPORTANT! All electronic files must be named strictly according to the format below – incorrectly named entries will not be accepted.

DETAILS TO FOLLOW – the category codes are listed below



–          HIS – HISTORIC
–          HOC – HUT OR CAMP LIFE
–          NFF – NATIVE FLORA OR FAUNA** No people in these shots
–          OL –   OUTDOOR LANDSCAPES**     No people in these shots
–          MOVIE *       Not eligible for FMC comp, TAC only
–          HUMOUR*   Not eligible for FMC comp, TAC only

All entries must:
•    Be submitted electronically with a file size between 500kB and 5MB as .jpg files. The only digital manipulation permitted is cropping, sharpening and tonal or exposure adjustments.
•    Panoramic stitched images are acceptable provided the only manipulation other than stitching is cropping, sharpening and tonal or exposure adjustments.
•    Be taken since 1 January 2015 by a member of the club and may not have won awards in any other photographic competition other than the members own Club Photo Competition. (Except in Historic category)
•    Entries in the Historic category can be submitted as scans of original prints or colour slides. If scanned they should be at least 600 pixels on each dimensions

 -All entries must be received by 20th November 2016

-The TAC executive, or their nominee, shall elect a suitable person to be the judge and give guidance for standards of photography.
– Where possible the judge is expected to make brief remarks on each entry.
– The judge shall select best overall image for the Dan Bryant memorial Trophy and best Above Bushline image will receive the Maggie Brown Trophy.
– It is recommended that the judge select a first, second and third place in each category.
– The judge in consultation with the TAC organiser has the right to reject any unsuitable entry. The entrant will be advised of the reason for rejection.

First and second placed entries in each category (except Movie and Humour) will be automatically entered into the FMC photo competition for 2016 You can read more about the FMC conditions here.

You can get directions to our Venue here