HiTAC May 2024

President’s desk

As I sit and scribe this I am sitting by the fire, the weather is chilling down, so hopefully this session we will have good snowfalls to play in!

Snowcraft dates are out and applications have been called for. This year we have a slightly different approach to how we group people together so on the day/s everyone is at similar starting point. This will create ease for both instructors and participants alike. Traditionally snowcraft courses fill quickly so express your interest sooner rather than later!

Hopefully Rock & Rope will be a “go” this weekend, after having to move the date. We have 8 keen members hanging out for this experience, so let’s hope the boys can get the job done!

Have you been thinking about your fancy dress outfit for the party on 18th May at the lodge yet? It’s never too early to start putting something together. These events are always full of a great variety of food (including dessert), a few laughs, a few drinks to be shared & no doubt some stories to be told. On the Sunday morning, we go out for a trot on the slopes somewhere, have the leftovers for lunch and then return to the world below & our families. Mark down the date in your calendar.

We are looking for speakers for Club Nights – do you know of anyone that has an alpine/mountaineering background, interesting skillset to share, presentation of photos, that sort of thing?

We attempt to have a variety of focuses throughout the year from our local members and people from further afield. If you would like to see the Club cover another angle let me know and we will see what we can do.

Some of you maybe aware that our Lodge concession with DOC expires at the end of this year. Back in December 2022 I sent off a renewal request which I followed up again recently. Paperwork with DOC does take it’s time. However, it’s great to have support from our local office and they have requested an update on behalf. What will it take for a positive outcome to happen with ease? This is my question!

Also, while we are in this transition phase with the new park management, we will have to apply for a Open Climb concession again for next year. It seems gone are the days for a repeat concession at this point in time.

In the meantime, it’s business as usual for our Club – courses being offered, cleaners cleaning the lodge, maintenance projects being worked on, and a lot of the behind scenes work being carried out!

Hope to see you on the slopes!

Sheryl Hamilton

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