HiTAC April 2021

President’s Desk

Kia ora folks,

First things first. A huge thanks to everyone who helped and is still helping run the 74th open climb. It’s a massive undertaking and requires ridiculously large contributions of time and resources from at least 70 club members every year. There’s always a sense of “bloody hell, why are we still doing this”, but hopefully the expressions of immense gratitude and accomplishment on the faces of those punters that had a once in lifetime experience they couldn’t have done without us, still makes this event relevant and worthwhile.

Minor admin point. There are several first aid kits and poo pots (y’ weirdo’s) that haven’t come back. These may be sitting in your packs if you were in a party. Can these please be returned at the coming club night? The AGM has been and gone and looks like you’re all stuck with the same Pres for another year. However, on the bright side we’ve managed to finally get rid of Unfortunately, after 5 years as Captain and another couple as VP, Chris Hayes will be stepping down from the role of VP to work on his new career in the fields of community engagement and corporate diplomacy. Also stepping aside is Ange, our trips organiser and Taranaki Base Hospital facilities reviewer, now completely given over to the joy of home ownership, renovation and resulting penury. A huge thanks to both for their time on the exec, which was appreciated by us all.

New to the exec this year are our new trips coordinator, Lindsay Stones. And we welcome back Jonathan Crane, ever the sucker for punishment, who re-joins us this year. We have a new VP in former secretary Conrad Murray and Sheryl Hamilton picks up the secretarial role. Otherwise, the same crew continue in their previous roles.
Bloody hell, Dave Bolger (NZOIA Rock 2 and Alpine 2 quals) has offered to run an introduction to rock climbing course at Kinloch Crag on the weekend of the 17th and 18th April! The course is aimed at all climbers but ideally would suit those who have done the rock and rope course, have started doing a bit already and perhaps looking to move on to leading in the outdoors. The course will deal with bolted sport climbing, setting safe anchors etc, some trad basics if time allows.

Everything taught here is relevant for the Snow Craft 2 course we’re going to hold at Ruapehu later in the year and preference to that course will be given to those that have shown interest in this one. So, get in touch with Lindsay ASAP. I expect this course will be in high demand and numbers will be limited.

Club night this month is a gear up for winter guide from our Club Captain, if you are interested in doing the snow craft courses this year, or just want to make fun of the way he talks, I suggest this should be a useful night out.

Also, this month, the dreaded cable replacement works will start this month, Vollie’s are required! So scroll down and please read the notice regarding the works and make yourselves available if you can. Obviously, you can expect some disruption to lodge life as this work is undertaken.

Finally, from me… it’s time to pay people, invoices for this year have been emailed out and are due by the first of June. Check your spam if you haven’t received it or contact the treasurer if you’ve changed your email. We’re onto you. You can’t fool us. We’ve heard it all before. There will be a savage audit of paid-up members on the second of June and fobs of all non-payers will be automatically neutralised. Late payment penalties will apply to the tardy, a curse shall be laid upon them all and demons summoned to haunt their dreams…

Winter is coming.

Ivan Bruce
El Presidente!

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