HiTAC July 2020

President’s Desk

Hi folks,

We’ve past the shortest day already but does anyone else feel like it’s been a phoney winter so far? After some reasonable snow fall over a month ago there’s been nothing but mild temperatures and recent rains have all but washed that all away. Some of us have all but given up hope and headed north to the Waikato crags instead, so here’s hoping the forecast snow arrives this week. It better, because the winter season is about to get up and running.

That kicks off with the train the trainers day on the 11th of July, followed by the Snowcraft Course (SC2) on the weekend of July the 17th, which is taking place this year at Ruapehu. Still one place left on what will be a great weekend away, so get onto Jordy ASAP if you are capable and interested. Both August SC1 courses are now booked out and only a few places remain on the September course.

Club night this month is set to be a laid back affair after having to juggle speakers around. So, we will be catching up for a quiet beer and Mikes Bistro at 7pm Thursday 2nd. Come along and tell some lies about all the climbing you’ve been doing last month, bring along your membership applications, and plan some adventures.

By way of recompense, we will have 2 club nights in August, John Palmer, former NZAC President, will be guest speaker and will hopefully be talking about issues and ideas about access (among other things), which will be relevant to us now that the Park settlement is nearly finalised and the Park Management Plan will be up for review. Also, later the same month we will have our Mountain Film night at the 4th Wall Theatre.

Don’t forget the 95th anniversary celebrations will be held at the Camp house on the 1st of August, please contact Elaine Sinton or myself if you have any images or paraphernalia you might want to share on the day.

Thanks very much for everyone who has paid their subs, we’ve had a great response so far. Remember the last day for payment of subs is the 13th of July.

And yes, the Lodge is back open again and members are welcome to stay overnight.

Should be a busy month.

See you all out there.

Ivan Bruce
El Presidente!

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