HiTAC March 2020

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Presidents report – Feb 2020

The last one for this term folks – next week is our AGM, so I need to rattle off a big list of thanks you to everyone who has helped out this year, got involved and made for another successful year for the TAC.

There’s been a bunch of highlights, and I’m probably doing a disservice to many by not mentioning them all but let’s start with what I actually joined up to this club to do about what feels like a million years ago, and that is the getting out there, up there, onto the mountains, and climbing with like minded people. The club trips are a huge part of this and to Ange, our club trip organiser, and all the people that put their hands up to help out, lead trips and show others the ropes thanks a bunch, your efforts are greatly appreciated by all who attend and can be seen in the thriving new membership the club is fortunate to have.

Our (bloody!) lodge only continues to function due the committed crew of volunteers who rescue it from various natural disasters and nurse it through its annual demands. So again to everyone who has helped in many ways, large and small, thanks very much and in particular a huge thanks to Greg Banks, who has stepped up as bookings officers and de-facto maintenance organiser throughout the year.

I’ve been lucky to have a great committee to work with all year and I’d like to thank them all for their time this year. I’m sorry to say that Sophie and Stacy would like to step down this year and take some time out to go climbing. Their contributions over the past several years has been massive and they’ll be missed, but not forgotten. See you up there ladies.

Finally, A huge thanks to everyone who helped out on the open climb this year, which after three years of rubbish weather and abortive attempts, was finally a success. It’s the first time I’ve had anything to do with organising such an event, and I won’t say it wasn’t somewhat daunting, but administration was made much easier by the prior experience of wiser heads, particularly those who occupied the open climb control room and the crater crew. We managed to get 148 people to the summit this year. We’ve had nothing but good feedback from the punters and the event seems as popular as ever.

Historical note: I sent the club historians to the archives to find out when the first open climb was held. Turns out the summer season of 1948 – 1949 seems to the date of the first open climb, and as far as we know it’s been held every year since. I’m happy to stand corrected, but until I am, I’m claiming that at 71 years, the TAC open climb is the longest running alpine event of its kind in NZ (or anywhere else for that matter!). That it is run entirely by volunteers, says a lot about the expertise and club spirit that exists in the TAC and it’s a credit to all of you.

As an example of the kind of dedication to the TAC that has made this event endure, John Jordan assisted on his 50th open climb this year, which is an amazing record. Thanks John, long may the legend of the adidas three stripe track pant climb on…

So I hope to see as many of you as possible at the AGM on Thursday 5 March, We have the prize giving for the club trophies, including the still to be named winners of the Dan Bryant and Maggie Brown photographic trophies. There will also be a special nomination, and of course the dreaded presidential report and the election of officers. There may also be beer…
Enough, over… see you

Ivan Bruce
El Presidente!

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