HiTAC November 2018

President’s Desk

The downstairs upgrade of Tahurangi Lodge is now underway. If you are visiting the Lodge remember to obey all signage and follow any instructions from the builder and contractors who may be on site.

Lodge Lockers – as at 27 October, eighteen lockers remain locked, including one of the tall full height ones. The instruction was simple: empty your locker and leave it unlocked, and this was to be done by the end of September. Surely not much to ask! For those who have not done this, are we to assume you no longer require a locker?

We’ve now held the induction for 2018 Open Climb, with the event scheduled to take place on Saturday 16 February. If you were unable to get to the induction but would like to help out on the day, please contact me. We’ll be looking for another 20 or so people in addition to those who attended the induction. Also, something that would really assist me – if you usually help but definitely can’t make it this year, can you please let me know now.

We have had an awesome response from volunteers who are helping out with the Lodge downstairs upgrade, with many members making valuable contributions in the background. Obviously most of the assistance is required on site, however there are a number of tasks that can be carried out down here in town, so if you can help out in any way at all, please email your contact details to John Thomason who is the Volunteer Co-ordinator for the project: johnthomason242@gmail.com

Club Photo Competition entries have started coming in. Don’t forget to send yours in, and please remind others to do the same. See elsewhere in this HiTac for all the details, closing date is Sunday 18 November.

Elaine Sinton

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