HiTAC April 2017

President’s Desk

There’s been plenty of activity on the mountain this month, as club members photos on our facebook page will show you. And by all accounts the recent club trip led by Chris, up the Kokowai lava flow left a huge impression on participants! It is great that people are offering their time to lead trips, and also very rewarding that the opportunity to venture to lesser known areas on the mountain is being taken up by a good number of club members.

And an update on recent works undertaken by DOC staff – new numbered marker poles have now been installed to Syme hut, on the Fanthams Peak Summit route like those on the North Ridge Summit route.  There are around 70 poles starting with number 1 outside Syme hut and number 70 finishing at the top of the staircase just above Kapuni lodge.

To prevent confusion for visitors to the mountain, it is intended that all of the old poles be removed. To this end DOC staff would be very grateful if club members could pull out the few remaining old poles and bring them down off the mountain.

At the AGM held earlier this month, the subs were all increased by $5.00. This was to cover the increase in the Affiliation fee that we pay to Federated Mountain Clubs (FMC). Annual invoices for subs, locker rental and ekey hire will be mailed out shortly. So watch out for this in your physical mail box, and make your online payment promptly.
Elaine Sinton

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