HiTAC February 2022

President’s Desk

Kia ora katoa,

Happy new year everyone, and welcome to the brave new world that we’re about to set out into.

One that begins without the open climb. Cancelled due to pandemic for the first time in its illustrious history. Special thanks to Jon Crane, Sophie Tucker, Carey Clow, Glen Hodges, and Conrad Murray for the time they dedicated to the OC committee this year. The OC safety plan got a major overhaul; the ticketing system replaced; registrations taken; roles assigned; volunteers contacted; threats, bribes, and indiscretions leveraged, all to get this up and running. However, this year it was not to be. Fortunately, the revamped system should make it easier to run next year, so all the hard work isn’t totally wasted. Thanks too, to all the volunteers that put up their hands to help.

On the plus side, you now have the weekend of the 12th of February free, and as you’d planned to be on the mountain anyway, have we got a deal for you. We’re having a club working bee at Tahurangi Lodge. Come along and grab a paintbrush, or a shovel and rake, or whatever implement of destruction that comes to hand. We plan to have a vehicle going up to the Lodge with supplies the Friday prior, so there may be room for a few extra supplies as well.

The rock rats were out and about all January, and tall tales are being told about Christmas trips to the South Island. The TAC trip to Pakeho in the Waitomo was, by all accounts, thoroughly awesome. On the same weekend, about 20 Taranaki Tuatara’s and supporters turned out to Tahuna o tutawa/ Warwick’s castle for what one old head described as the largest gathering of rock climbers seen there for 20 years. By the time this HiTac is out, Phil Whitwell’s probably just taken a trip to perve at the Giants Bum last Saturday.

Lots to come this month as well, I might be convinced to slink off to the castle during the weekend of the working bee for a day on the local crags (paint goes on best in the evenings when it’s cooler, y’know). There’s a rock and rope trip on the weekend of the 26th, and Conrad’s planning a rock trip to the west side Late Feb early March as well, hassle him for traction.

Club night this month will be a club barbeque, to be held on Thursday the 3rd of February, at Tupare Gardens, 7pm. The barbeque is located down on the river flat, with lots of space for social distancing, or bullrush, and there’s a swimming hole nearby for those of us inoculated against Waiwhakaiho River water. A good chance to catch up and plan out the rest of the summers climbing trips over a beer and a burnt sausage. Follow the link below if you need a map of Tupare. https://www.trc.govt.nz/assets/facility-maps/Tupare-visitor-Map-2021.pdf

Finally, a note from the lodge booking officer. Tahurangi has been booked by the North Shore tramping club on the weekend of the 29th of January. Space will be tight that weekend.

Ivan Bruce
El Presidente!

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