HiTAC November 2021

President’s Desk

Kia ora katoa,

Another busy month. Avid readers will by now have noted this is a common preamble, TAC must be doing something right.

It’s a barely coherent mixed bag from me this month, all but impossible to fashion into a sensible narrative, but first up, check out the trip reports section to find out what you missed out on this month. From being lost in a white-out somewhere near Syme Hut on the Fantham’s Peak trip or topping out on Taranaki for the annual slush summit (spoiler: as the summit skiers will attest, it wasn’t that slushy after all), it’s been awesome to see so many people, both old heads and new boots, making the effort and getting out there. As I sulk in my soggy garret tapping out this latest rant, even steady spring rain won’t wash my FOMO into schadenfreude as the Labour weekend rock trip goes on without me. But, as the snow rapidly recedes the rock will be warming up. So time to break out the rock gear, the summer climbing season begins.

Jeremy Beckers’ TAC 2022 Calendar is out now, available from Jane’s Gallery. 30 bucks a pop for an A3 Calendar of J.B.s stunning Taranaki alpine photography. He is slowly contacting everyone who showed interest via email but get in quick before the word gets out and everyone else finds out. Great Christmas present and the generous bugger is even dedicating some of the proceeds back to the club.

DOC has advised that the Taranaki Crossing project is all go this summer and there will be works being undertaken from Pouakai Hut through to Manganui Skifield. These upgrades are scheduled to take place from November 2021 to May 2022 and track closures are not anticipated as part of these upgrades. However, there may be temporary delays and diversions so please ensure you check the DOC website before planning any trips.
Remember the open climb last year? Well, one lucky punter got a free Helicopter flight home, but in doing so he didn’t get the name of the photographer who took the snaps of him standing on the summit. He’s still a bit hazy on the details but he was on the last party to make it on the summit and would really like that photo for his collection. So check your files OC crew, and if you are that gentleman’s photographer can you please send me the summit photo to forward to him.

Right. Bloody Covid. If you are a club member, and particularly one using our Lodge, unless you have an exemption, please, just get vaccinated. The exec isn’t issuing any proclamations regarding requirements for non-vaccinated current members to use the Tahurangi Lodge or partake in club activities at this time, other than please maintain distancing within the Lodge and please wear a mask. But rules around vaccine passports are coming. There will inevitably be implications for Lodge use so watch this space. However, at this time any non-members wanting to stay overnight at the Lodge must provide proof of vaccination or exemption unless they are under 12. Also, any new member applications must also be accompanied by proof of vaccination or exemption.

Club Night this month is again Covid affected. We had planned for a guest speaker to attend from Auckland in person, but that ain’t happening now. So Edwin Sheppard, as the representative of Aotearoa Climbing Access Trust will be speaking via the dreaded Zoom, but we’ll hold the talk at the Blind Foundation, as usual on Thursday the 4th of November at 7.30 pm.

Finally from me, this year’s Open Climb will be held on the 12th of February 2022. Slightly changed format and reduced punters due to a comprehensive review of the safety plan (many thanks to Sophie Tucker and Jonathan Crane), but the same numbers of volunteers from the club will be required as usual. Please set the date aside in your calendars.

Ivan Bruce
El Presidente!

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