HiTAC October 2019

President’s Desk

Hi everyone,

Well social media tells me it’s been a good month for the TAC community, fb pages are loaded with gloating images of happy climbers on rimey summits, icy sunrises, and tales of springs first ski descents from the crater. Presidential tenure however seems to guarantee almost none of the above, mine coinciding somehow with a decline in appearances on the mounga this month, however happy for all of you.. really…

So let’s remedy that. Make this “take your president climbing” month, starting with the (delayed) club trip to Syme Hut (now) on the 6th of October – Check the FB page for details and let Ange know if you are keen to come along. Ideally suited for those who have finished SC1 courses and want to try out their gear with some supervision from some of the more experienced members. Axes and crampons required.

Club night this month is the induction for the open climb, please turn up if you are going to help out this year, even if you have been through it all before. Everyone’s support is necessary to make the climb happen so attendance would be appreciated. Following the induction, Greg Banks and the snow caving crew will give us a short presentation and a collection of tall tales about the TAC snow caving trip this month.

Finally , you might have noticed the hoardings are up and the local body election is on the 12th of October. While TAC doesn’t officially support any particular candidate, I’m going to walk the tightrope a little and thank our incumbent Councillor Stacy Hitchcock for her time on the TAC executive committee over the past four years and wish her the best of luck. It’s always good to have council representation on a club committee. Just saying…
Spring conditions are here, get amongst it!

Ivan Bruce
El Presidente!

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