HiTAC March 2019

President’s Desk

A big thank you to all those members who helped out with the Open Climb last weekend. Despite not being able to achieve the summit, I think everyone, both club members and participants had a good experience. For several of our club members this was their first Open Climb and I think the following comment embodies what the Open Climb means for many of us:

Just wanted to say as this was my first open climb as a volunteer. I thought it went really well and the public I spoke to were very happy with the result despite not reaching the top. I also really enjoyed the event, the social and camaraderie. It was really well organised – well done.

Just a reminder, the club’s AGM is on Thursday 7th March. As well as the election of officers, we’ll also be presenting the club trophies. We need a quorum of 20 so please come along! This is your chance to have a say in how the club will be run for the next 12 months. Four of the current Committee will be standing down, including myself. We have some keen people willing to fill those vacancies so come along and find out who your new Committee will be!

I would like to pass on some of the feedback from this year’s Open Climb participants:

Amazing experience this morning -The T.A.C. really looked after us! High winds turned us back at drinking rock, but a fine experience was had! Thanks so much for the opportunity to join the open climb today.

Thanks again for the tremendous effort today and wonderful alpine club staff. I am so impressed with the climb organisation and would love to join the climb again next year!!

Experience of a Lifetime. Without this open day I probably would have never gone up Mount Taranaki so thank you for this great experience. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

An amazing experience and big thank you to the leaders of G5. A big thank you to Mark? who was one of the guides who stayed at the back with me to help me all the way. While it was disappointing because of the wind not being able to get to the summit, I’m not sure I would have made it. We both really enjoyed the experience. We may be back again next year.

Elaine Sinton

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