HiTAC September 2021

President’s Desk

Kia ora folks,

Arggh, this again. While I’m not really known for my sunny, optimistic disposition for the sake of everyone’s sanity I’ll try and keep a positive spin on things.

So, first of all, our club night this month is the NZ Mountain Film Festival, which will still be held at the 4th Wall Cinema on the 16th of September, assuming we are at Level 2 by that time. We don’t expect to be below Level 2 again anytime soon, so numbers will be limited to 100 people. If we aren’t at Level 2 on the 16th, we are going to postpone this event until the next available Thursday. So get your tickets now, it’s bloody happening.
I’ll be liaising with the 4th Wall management as the levels become known, so keep an eye on the TAC Facebook page for any changes on the event date. We are showing a bunch of great NZ-based climbing movies this year, please follow the link below to find out all about it. https://www.4thwalltheatre.co.nz/onat4thwall/whats-on/nz-mountain-film-festival.html

There’ll still be plenty of white stuff in September so our September snow craft courses will continue once we hit Level 2, but while they are running the Lodge will be effectively booked out for overnight stays for anyone else. Otherwise, the Lodge becomes available for everyday use again once we reach Level 2, but only 15 per night can stay over, so please, even if you are a member, make a booking, or contact the booking officers to make sure there is space available.

At the time I wrote this the park gates were closed and DOC was still to release a decision as to whether they would be open at Level 3. If by some chance they do open the park and members find themselves at Tahurangi, please keep your social distance, scan the tracer, and wipe down any surfaces, etc, you know the drill.
Stay safe and avoid other humans, they’re generally pretty revolting at the best of times so it shouldn’t be that hard.

Ivan Bruce
El Presidente!

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