HiTAC April 2018

President’s Desk

Could all members please make sure you have submitted any Open Climb feedback to me. We are looking at a couple of important changes for future Open Climbs. The first is to make the starting point Stratford Plateau rather than North Egmont. Parking at North Egmont has become nigh on impossible, and those participants who did walk around from Stratford for this year’s event gave positive feed back on their walk. Secondly we are looking hard at making a call on the Friday morning as to which day we will choose to hold the event, ie the Saturday or the Sunday. We feel this is a little fairer to club members regarding the commitment involved, and probably a bit easier on participants also. To have to get out of bed two mornings in a row at 4.30 is really hard for some participants and they just don’t bother to try for the second day.

Club trips continue on our mountain with great success, despite some having to be postponed due to weather. We are finding our newer members relish the opportunity to explore new routes on the mountain.

Shortly after the AGM, the club found itself without a Treasurer, as Will had taken on some other commitments in his Stratford community. A plea for help via the club’s facebook page brought two offers of assistance. Club member Andrew Darney has now taken on this role and we look forward to Andrew’s input at our monthly Exec meetings.

A big thankyou to everyone who came along to the AGM to support the club. Fantastic attendance of 40+, and especially so since it meant a large number of club members were privy to what is planned for the Lodge Downstairs Upgrade. Thanks Sophie and all of the Lodge upgrade team for this thoroughly informative presentation.

Elaine Sinton

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