Open Climb – Publicity Information Sheet

General Information

The ascent and descent will take the whole day and will only proceed with favourable weather conditions. Participants make their own way, on foot, from the Stratford Plateau car park to Tahurangi Lodge. You should leave the car park by 5:15 a.m. and the trip will take approximately 1¾ hours. A torch or head torch will be useful for the first ½ hour of the walk.

Club members will be on hand at the car park and at various key locations on the track to Tahurangi Lodge to help if further instructions are required.

Tea, coffee, cordial, and water will be available at Tahurangi Lodge on arrival and later on your return from the summit. There are DOC toilets at the Plateau, at the Maunganui Ski Field Shelter, and 150m below Tahurangi Lodge. You will be grouped into parties of twenty and will be escorted by at least two club members of the Taranaki Alpine Club. The first party will leave Tahurangi Lodge at 7:00 am.

Club members have a detailed knowledge and experience of the mountain and are willing to share it with you. Please do not hesitate to ask about the mountain, the climb or mountaineering. Stopping to take photos and ask questions is a good way to get a rest.

The summit of the mountain has special cultural significance to Tangata Whenua (local Maori/iwi). To respect their beliefs please do not stand on the summit block.

More information about the route can be found at the DOC website and of the the event at our Open Climb page.

On Saturday at 5am, we will announce if the Open Climb is proceeding on our Facebook page. If postponed the Open Climb will be on the Sunday instead. If this is also not possible, the event will be cancelled.

Pre requisites

  • Age 12 years and up
  • Anyone younger than 18 must be accompanied
    by a guardian
  • Sound health

Health and Safety

The Taranaki Alpine Club reminds you that mountaineering can be hazardous. The Club takes due care to manage and minimise the risks but cannot eliminate them.

What can you expect

A fantastic day out on the mountain!

You will have the chance to take in some amazing views of Taranaki, with plenty of opportunities to take once in a life time photos. You’ll meet an incredibly interesting bunch of people in your party, and our crew will take the absolutely best care of you on the day.

Once you leave Hongi’s Valley and head towards Drinking Rock the views down the mountain overlooking the National Park really start! It’s also at this point that the size of the mountain really impacts you. From Drinking Rock you will head up and across to the Lizard. Ascending the Lizard is the final climb that takes you to Summer Entrance. Here our crew will move the parties into and out of the crater. This is also the last push to the summit.

On the Summit – the views!!!

Personal Clothing and Equipment

The mountain’s location and altitude create an environment that can experience sudden and dramatic weather changes. Within an hour, it can change from a hot, calm day to freezing. Each participant must be equipped with the following minimum equipment.

Compulsory unless otherwise stated

You will need at least 2 liters of water on the trip from Tahurangi Lodge to the summit. Refill your drink bottles at Tahurangi Lodge before leaving.

For sun protection:

• Sun hat
• Sunglasses
• Sun block SPF15+ (or more) and lip sun block
• As an option, we recommend an old, long-sleeved business shirt

For wind and rain protection:

• Raincoat or weatherproof jacket
• As an option, we recommend over trousers or leggings

For warmth:

• Jersey or jacket of insular material
• Warm hat or balaclava
• Warm trousers or track pants
• Woollen mittens or ski gloves
Don’t wear jeans


• Lunch and snacks: you will get hungry, bring your lunch
and chocolate bars.


• Sturdy footwear is essential. We recommend tramping boots with good ankle support.


• Trekking poles, gaiters, camera, and a first aid kit

Don’t miss the opportunity to create the memories of a lifetime!

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